SIMM is a Portuguese leading company, which has been expanding in several areas in order to present cutting-edge solutions with the usual stamp of quality and performance.

Our equipment carries with it innovation, functionality and safety, the axes on which we move and that set SIMM apart from other players in the area.

Industrial equipment for small and large projects.

Tradition and legacy

The tradition and legacy that the brand carries since its foundation, in 1991, when it was born to solve a failure in the national market associated with the pressing need to equip contractors with the production of asphalt concrete, means that SIMM has been consolidating its image over the decades, currently focusing on new business areas.

A tradição e o legado
From the garden to construction, through agriculture or logistics, SIMM intends to approach the consumer with cutting-edge solutions with the stamp of quality and performance to which the brand has always accustomed its customers.
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